When I was young, I wanted to be an adventurer.  As I got older, people expected me to have a bit more realistic of a career goal.

The thing is, I never grew out of my adventurer phase.  I spent countless hours trying to force myself to act like a “grown-up,” but recently I realized I didn’t have to.

I was in high school when I first realized that the clothing you wear can affect how you feel.  As part of the drama club, I often ended up wearing something that would never normally fly in a high school hallway.  I realized, though, that when I dressed like Cinderella, I felt more like Cinderella.  When I dressed like Anastasia, I felt more like Anastasia.  Hell, when I dressed like a she-wolf, I even felt a little bit more lupine.  I started to carry these principles over into my everyday wardrobe.  Growing up in Little Falls, Minnesota, I often craved a more glamorous life.  So I made my life more glamorous.  Sometimes I’d be a rockstar.  Sometimes I’d be a movie star.  Sometimes I’d even be my favorite characters from film or books.  My outfits were never garish, but they carried enough inspiration from my favorite things to make me feel like a brand new person every day.  And that person could be anyone or anything I could dream up.

Today, I draw inspiration from things all around me: film, television, books, stores, photos, nature, travel destinations, and other people are just a few of the things that aid in my creations.  This blog is meant to catalog the ways in which I live my life of make believe.  Though oftentimes I just have room for a little extra flair (I am a law student and have to keep things professional, after all), escapism allows me to give my imagination a place in this challenging, modern world.


Let’s keep adventuring.


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